In print…[Fashion]

This outfit means a lot to me, because I wore it to meet Olivia Palermo.

Ever the cliché, I consider Olivia to be my ultimate style icon. I think we can all agree, she knows what to do with an accessory. Last year, she launched a line of nail varnish and make-up in collaboration with Ciate and she came to Dublin as part of the promotional tour. I had the privilege of meeting her as part of the event and it was a massive moment for me. For me, meeting Olivia felt like I was invited into the world that I usually only see in magazines, blogs and Pinterest.

This outfit is simple and neat but I feel like it’s a nice representation of my style. I feel it has classic elements, with a twist.


I love the pop of colour that the orange shoes give.


IMG_0997.JPGI like this outfit for work, when I am feeling adventurous or for a day out too.


How do you wear the printed trousers trend?



5 fashion blogs I read every day…[Fashion]

I’m a dedicated follower of fashion.

I’ve been reading blogs for years and something I remember early on was trying to find the right blogs to read. Having wasted invested a lot of time I should have been studying for my Masters reading blogs, I now have a regular rotation of reads which I read over and over again.

ONE | Retro Flame

This is one of my favorite blogs in the entire blogosphere. Written by the endearing Erika Fox, this blog is the epitome of living the dream. Erika made the move to New York, and documents her amazing wardrobe day to day.

I also love that she is an Irish blogger who has gained a massive international audience. For me being beginner, she is really something that I aspire to.

TWO | Cupcakes and Cashmere

Cupcakes and Cashmere is now almost a household name. Emily Schuman has been writing this blog for years, and it was one of the first blogs I ever came across (maybe thats why I am still loyal four years later). She writes about fashion but also decor and entertaining. A really easy blog to dip in and out of, there is something quite calming about it.

THREE | Atlantic Pacific

Blair Eadie is well known for her beautiful wardrobe. Out of all of the bloggers I read, I would happily take her wardrobe and never feel the need to shop again. Elegant, whimsical and feminine is how I would describe Blair’s style. The photography is also simply beautiful.

FOUR | Wendy’s Lookbook

Fashion. Ethereal, romantic, gorgeous fashion. That is all.

FIVE | Brooklyn Blonde

Rounding out my top five fashion blog favorites is Brooklyn Blonde. Helena has the most amazing shoes you will ever see and she isn’t half bad at putting an outfit together! I find she is the perfect source of inspiration for taking everyday clothes and making them special.

I hope to do a series of blogs on, well, other people’s blogs in the future, but hopefully this is a good start for anyone interested in finding some inspiration.

What are your favorite blogs to read?


5 hidden gems of shops you already know…[Fashion]

I’ve got hidden gems. And I am willing to share…

It may come as no surprise that I enjoy the all to often shopping trip. We all undoubtedly have our old favorites that we rely on for key pieces. For me, its Dorothy Perkins for jeans, Kate Spade for accessories and H&M for just about everything else.

For this post, I wanted to highlight some unusual hidden gems you might not realize are lurking in your favorite stores!

One | Dorothy Perkins | Jewelry & Shoes

Dorothy Perkins essentially put me through college as I worked their part-time for over five years during my studies. Something that customers and my friends were always surprised by is the great selection of unique jewelry pieces and shoes. Their are some really beautiful pieces to be found and to this day, I drop by every once in a while to pick up a statement necklace or two.

Two | Ebay | Jewelry

A slightly repetitive theme here, but important none the less. Have you ever seen an item of jewelry on a blog that didn’t ship to your country, or was an old picture or was not named? Well Ebay is the perfect place to find it! You might not find the exact item you are looking for, but if you drop in a description, chances are you will find a very similar alternative. From a price point, Ebay is usually quite good too!

Three | H&M | Work-Out Clothes

I’m 98% sure H&M have a devious plan to take ALL of my money. #FanGirl. I make no qualms about admitting that its by far my favorite store. What you might not know is that aside from the perfectly fitting skirts, H&M offer a very impressive selection of work-out clothing. Whether you are just starting out on your fitness journey or a seasoned traveler, its definitely one to check out.

Four | Debenhams Online | Beauty

Debenhams was always in my view ‘a mammy shop’. Yes, ask any 20 something Irish person and they will tell you nostalgically how they got their confirmation outfit there (but it was Roche’s Stores in those days!). I have somewhat overlooked Debenhams until last Christmas when looking for last minute gifts I stumbled upon their online beauty store. With brands such as Chanel and Benefit, there are some definite heavy hitters there. Whats really not to be missed though is their sales on beauty gift sets, next time there is a sale, take a look!

Five | Marks & Spencer | Skincare

In a similar sentiment to my previous mention, M&S to me was always just another ‘Mammy shop’. Recently however, they have really upped their game with the use of Rosie Huntington-Whitely along with a plethora of other famous faces to represent the brand. They have introduced a selection of skin care brands such as Ren in some of the larger stores. Definitely worth a visit on your next trip!

I hope this helped you to take a different look at some familiar stores.

Is there any hidden gems that you swear by? Let me know in the comments below!


Leather & Lace…[Fashion]

Wearing something  with leather makes me feel about 10% cooler.

This dress from Zara is, for me, the perfect juxtaposition between hard and soft.IMG_0927.JPG

The leather look body feels modern and fresh, while the lace is romantic and feminine. When I first purchased it, I felt it was a little out of my comfort zone, but it is now one of my go to pieces for a night out or dinner.

Black Leather DressIMG_0980.JPGDress | Zara (Similar here), Shoes | Carvela (Similar here), Bag | Coach

I generally style it with pulled back hair and dark make-up to play on the grunge feel, but there are lots of ways to wear it.

Do you have any signature leather pieces?


Video killed the blogging star; 5 of the best beauty YouTubers…[Beauty]

I love to read blogs. But sometimes I cheat on them.

YouTube is something I see as a compliment to blogs and is something I have watched for a few years.

I am currently subscribed to over 60 YouTube channels which I fully understand is excessive, but for the sake of keeping your attention, here are 5 of my favorites!

ONE | Glam Life Guru

Tati is high maintenance by self admission. The word glamorous doesn’t even begin to describe her. Her reviews are second to none, and her passion for make-up is infectious. She posts 5 times weekly which shows her dedication to the cause. She is beautiful, confident and has such a lovely personality. Give her a look!

TWO | Make-up by Tiffany D

maxresdefault (1).jpg

Tiffany was the first YouTuber I ever watched and continue to do so six years later. My loyalty is not misguided however as Tiffany is a super YouTuber. She is chatty, fun and is most definitely true to herself.

She has an amazing ability to create flawless make-up looks and her handbag collection is to die for! She also recently become a mum so for anyone interested in motherhood, she is a great resource.

While favouring the higher-end ranges, she does dabble in inexpensive make-up too and she gives really in-depth reviews.

THREE | The Make-Up Chair


Sinead is an Irish YouTuber who does short videos but often. Her looks are beautifully simple to recreate and she uses accessible products. I love her positivity and her very easy to follow looks. She is very bubbly and shares honest reviews which I love!

FOUR | Fleur de Force


Fleur is a really well known YouTuber, now with a line of make-up, a book and a long list of company endorsements.

To be totally honest, I didn’t warm to Fleur initially. I think what changed me was realizing the level of dedication she puts into her channel. She vlogs daily every second month, and posts religiously twice weekly. I really respect her achievements to date, and her positive attitude.

Also, she has such a massive influence, that she gets sneak peaks at all of the latest releases so you can always see what is coming to stores soon.

She is the go-to person for designer make-up!

FIVE | Amelia Liana


Did someone say girl crush? Just wow. Amelia is stunning! Thankfully, Amelia has a lot more to offer than her looks. She is a really charismatic lady and I think she shines in her videos.

Amelia talks about make-up primarily but also does some style. Also you can prepare for some major travel envy in her vlogs.

Hopefully someday I can implement what I am pretending to learn by incessantly watching make-up tutorials…The smokey eye however, still eludes me.

What YouTubers do you follow?


Spring in my step…[Fashion]

Ireland is beautiful. The weather however leaves much to be desired.

When trying to shoot in Ireland, you could be faced with wind, rain, snow, sleet, sun and hailstones…all within the space of a few minutes!

My least favorite weather condition, wind, made a very unappreciated appearance today! It did however make for some fun photos…

IMG_0850.JPGToday’s outfit of choice features one of my favorite pieces; a 50s inspired floral skirt from H&M.


Spring in Ireland generally remains quiet cold, with rain a plenty, so it can be difficult to plan outfits. I love to incorporate color where I can as it really helps to lift your mood on a dreary day.

IMG_0874.JPGThis skirt always makes me feel like twirling! IMG_0881.JPG

Skirt | H&M (Old), Top | ASOS, Shoes | Dorothy Perkins, Bag | Micheal Kors, Necklace | H&M

I love the feminine of the ruffle sleeve of the top and the beautiful sunrise hues that the skirt emanates.

What is your favorite Spring clothing item?


The Wishlist…[Fashion]

The Wish List

As some of you may know, I am trying to refine my wardrobe and beauty collection.

I want to have a smaller quantity of better quality items. As part of this process, I decided to sit down and think about what my wardrobe is missing.

At the moment there are 5 key items that I think would really improve my wardrobe and they are;

One | Long formal coat

If you are unfamiliar with Irish weather, it can be accurately described as grey, cold and wet with approximately 10 days of sunshine yearly. (A favorite phrase of Irish people is ‘you wouldn’t bother leaving it if we got the weather’).

At the moment, my wardrobe is definitely lacking a nice black formal coat that I can wear for multiple occasions… and I have my eye on the one above!

Two | Simple everyday bracelet

I love simple chic jewelry and I think a bracelet like the one above is a perfect example of a piece that you could wear everyday. It will help to make any outfit a little more luxurious.

Three | Sharp white blazer

I’ve been looking out for a a sharp white blazer for some time. As I am only 5’2″, it can be difficult to find something that fits and hits the right places. I am going to blame Pinterest for this particular lust as I have a board dedicated to ‘work wear‘ and white blazers are a regular feature!

Four | Black work bag

On my last trip to Kildare Village I found what I think will be my next big purchase, a work tote bag. I try not to carry too many things around with me but inevitably I end up with more than my bag can facilitate. I want to have a bag that can carry a laptop and folders.

When I look for bags, one of the first things I consider is how secure the closure is. I want a zip closure that runs the full length of the bag and doesn’t have open sides.

The bag included in the link is not the exact bag I am considering, but it’s very similar. As I hope to purchase it from Kildare Village, it will also be a good bit cheaper, (thankfully!).

Five | Nude heels

As I am paler than milk, finding the perfect pair of nude heels is a challenge. I have worn cream heels previously and someone has asked if I am wearing white tights…No, I am just that pale! I think I might have to look closer to a stone colour or potentially a very light tan, so this one is still very much a work in progress.

What are your wardrobe essentials?