In print…[Fashion]

This outfit means a lot to me, because I wore it to meet Olivia Palermo.

Ever the cliché, I consider Olivia to be my ultimate style icon. I think we can all agree, she knows what to do with an accessory. Last year, she launched a line of nail varnish and make-up in collaboration with Ciate and she came to Dublin as part of the promotional tour. I had the privilege of meeting her as part of the event and it was a massive moment for me. For me, meeting Olivia felt like I was invited into the world that I usually only see in magazines, blogs and Pinterest.

This outfit is simple and neat but I feel like it’s a nice representation of my style. I feel it has classic elements, with a twist.


I love the pop of colour that the orange shoes give.


IMG_0997.JPGI like this outfit for work, when I am feeling adventurous or for a day out too.


How do you wear the printed trousers trend?



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