5 fashion blogs I read every day…[Fashion]

I’m a dedicated follower of fashion.

I’ve been reading blogs for years and something I remember early on was trying to find the right blogs to read. Having wasted invested a lot of time I should have been studying for my Masters reading blogs, I now have a regular rotation of reads which I read over and over again.

ONE | Retro Flame

This is one of my favorite blogs in the entire blogosphere. Written by the endearing Erika Fox, this blog is the epitome of living the dream. Erika made the move to New York, and documents her amazing wardrobe day to day.

I also love that she is an Irish blogger who has gained a massive international audience. For me being beginner, she is really something that I aspire to.

TWO | Cupcakes and Cashmere

Cupcakes and Cashmere is now almost a household name. Emily Schuman has been writing this blog for years, and it was one of the first blogs I ever came across (maybe thats why I am still loyal four years later). She writes about fashion but also decor and entertaining. A really easy blog to dip in and out of, there is something quite calming about it.

THREE | Atlantic Pacific

Blair Eadie is well known for her beautiful wardrobe. Out of all of the bloggers I read, I would happily take her wardrobe and never feel the need to shop again. Elegant, whimsical and feminine is how I would describe Blair’s style. The photography is also simply beautiful.

FOUR | Wendy’s Lookbook

Fashion. Ethereal, romantic, gorgeous fashion. That is all.

FIVE | Brooklyn Blonde

Rounding out my top five fashion blog favorites is Brooklyn Blonde. Helena has the most amazing shoes you will ever see and she isn’t half bad at putting an outfit together! I find she is the perfect source of inspiration for taking everyday clothes and making them special.

I hope to do a series of blogs on, well, other people’s blogs in the future, but hopefully this is a good start for anyone interested in finding some inspiration.

What are your favorite blogs to read?



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