5 hidden gems of shops you already know…[Fashion]

I’ve got hidden gems. And I am willing to share…

It may come as no surprise that I enjoy the all to often shopping trip. We all undoubtedly have our old favorites that we rely on for key pieces. For me, its Dorothy Perkins for jeans, Kate Spade for accessories and H&M for just about everything else.

For this post, I wanted to highlight some unusual hidden gems you might not realize are lurking in your favorite stores!

One | Dorothy Perkins | Jewelry & Shoes

Dorothy Perkins essentially put me through college as I worked their part-time for over five years during my studies. Something that customers and my friends were always surprised by is the great selection of unique jewelry pieces and shoes. Their are some really beautiful pieces to be found and to this day, I drop by every once in a while to pick up a statement necklace or two.

Two | Ebay | Jewelry

A slightly repetitive theme here, but important none the less. Have you ever seen an item of jewelry on a blog that didn’t ship to your country, or was an old picture or was not named? Well Ebay is the perfect place to find it! You might not find the exact item you are looking for, but if you drop in a description, chances are you will find a very similar alternative. From a price point, Ebay is usually quite good too!

Three | H&M | Work-Out Clothes

I’m 98% sure H&M have a devious plan to take ALL of my money. #FanGirl. I make no qualms about admitting that its by far my favorite store. What you might not know is that aside from the perfectly fitting skirts, H&M offer a very impressive selection of work-out clothing. Whether you are just starting out on your fitness journey or a seasoned traveler, its definitely one to check out.

Four | Debenhams Online | Beauty

Debenhams was always in my view ‘a mammy shop’. Yes, ask any 20 something Irish person and they will tell you nostalgically how they got their confirmation outfit there (but it was Roche’s Stores in those days!). I have somewhat overlooked Debenhams until last Christmas when looking for last minute gifts I stumbled upon their online beauty store. With brands such as Chanel and Benefit, there are some definite heavy hitters there. Whats really not to be missed though is their sales on beauty gift sets, next time there is a sale, take a look!

Five | Marks & Spencer | Skincare

In a similar sentiment to my previous mention, M&S to me was always just another ‘Mammy shop’. Recently however, they have really upped their game with the use of Rosie Huntington-Whitely along with a plethora of other famous faces to represent the brand. They have introduced a selection of skin care brands such as Ren in some of the larger stores. Definitely worth a visit on your next trip!

I hope this helped you to take a different look at some familiar stores.

Is there any hidden gems that you swear by? Let me know in the comments below!



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