Video killed the blogging star; 5 of the best beauty YouTubers…[Beauty]

I love to read blogs. But sometimes I cheat on them.

YouTube is something I see as a compliment to blogs and is something I have watched for a few years.

I am currently subscribed to over 60 YouTube channels which I fully understand is excessive, but for the sake of keeping your attention, here are 5 of my favorites!

ONE | Glam Life Guru

Tati is high maintenance by self admission. The word glamorous doesn’t even begin to describe her. Her reviews are second to none, and her passion for make-up is infectious. She posts 5 times weekly which shows her dedication to the cause. She is beautiful, confident and has such a lovely personality. Give her a look!

TWO | Make-up by Tiffany D

maxresdefault (1).jpg

Tiffany was the first YouTuber I ever watched and continue to do so six years later. My loyalty is not misguided however as Tiffany is a super YouTuber. She is chatty, fun and is most definitely true to herself.

She has an amazing ability to create flawless make-up looks and her handbag collection is to die for! She also recently become a mum so for anyone interested in motherhood, she is a great resource.

While favouring the higher-end ranges, she does dabble in inexpensive make-up too and she gives really in-depth reviews.

THREE | The Make-Up Chair


Sinead is an Irish YouTuber who does short videos but often. Her looks are beautifully simple to recreate and she uses accessible products. I love her positivity and her very easy to follow looks. She is very bubbly and shares honest reviews which I love!

FOUR | Fleur de Force


Fleur is a really well known YouTuber, now with a line of make-up, a book and a long list of company endorsements.

To be totally honest, I didn’t warm to Fleur initially. I think what changed me was realizing the level of dedication she puts into her channel. She vlogs daily every second month, and posts religiously twice weekly. I really respect her achievements to date, and her positive attitude.

Also, she has such a massive influence, that she gets sneak peaks at all of the latest releases so you can always see what is coming to stores soon.

She is the go-to person for designer make-up!

FIVE | Amelia Liana


Did someone say girl crush? Just wow. Amelia is stunning! Thankfully, Amelia has a lot more to offer than her looks. She is a really charismatic lady and I think she shines in her videos.

Amelia talks about make-up primarily but also does some style. Also you can prepare for some major travel envy in her vlogs.

Hopefully someday I can implement what I am pretending to learn by incessantly watching make-up tutorials…The smokey eye however, still eludes me.

What YouTubers do you follow?



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