What the Haul? Beauty without the budget. The purge part 1… [Beauty]

I’m currently on a bit of a budget.

When I showed my good friend Maria my first few blog posts her reaction was very sweet and supportive. She proclaimed ‘I can’t wait until you do beauty posts so I can see what you will recommend!’ and I found myself both embarrassed but also inspired.

The true is for the past year, I have been doing what I like to call ‘my make-up purge’ where I am trying to use up everything beauty I own but don’t necessary love. The end goal of this trial is to end up with what I hope will be my favorite items alone, with no unnecessary products.

I read a lot of blogs and watch a lot of beauty YouTubers and what is immediately evident is the sheer volume of products they have in their possession. For many of these ladies beauty is their livelihood and staying ahead of the game is an important part of what they do. Beauty is their passion and they make it much easier for the likes of me to research products and find out about new releases, which is very helpful but not something I can compete with.

When I began to think about writing this blog, I wondered about how I would manage to keep it fresh and varied while keeping up with the Joneses. After speaking with Maria, I realized that I will probably never have the resources to be a Fleur de Force or a Glam Life Guru, so instead, I will just have to be Leslie.

I love to organize and over the past year, taking on this ‘purge’ has had a very positive impact on me. I learned how to de-clutter a make-up collection and I am on my way to having what I feel is a better collection of things.

I never fully thought through the logistics of the project when I began, but it has thankfully been working quiet well.

For those of you who want to de-clutter and to try to become more of a make-up minimalist, I have outlined below the steps I took and would recommend to begin the process.

ONE | #LifeGoals

When I began this project I had a general idea of what I wanted to achieve. I wanted less stuff, more space and a better quality collection. This hasn’t remained static however and has changed somewhat over the course of time.

I can now sum up my goal as ‘to have a refined make-up collection comprised of things I truly love’.

TWO | The overview

To begin, I took out ALL products and laid them out on my counter and grouped them by product type. This helped to give me an idea of what I had and what I needed to use up.


THREE | Organisation station

To figure out how I was going to begin to use up products, I looked at the key places where I keep and use them. For me, there are three key places in my home that I store products; my bathroom, my make-up drawer/bag and my body care drawer.

I then selected the basic products I required for each station and allocated one item per requirement into those locations. For example, in my bathroom I need; a face mask, body moisturizer, a body scrub, a hair mask, shampoo and conditioner. In my make-up bag I need; foundation, concealer, blush, powder, liquid eyeliner, mascara and an eye shadow.


Any duplicate products were then placed in a container which was hidden in my cupboard. That way, there was no temptation to use something different.

There are some products that I don’t consider ‘user-uppers’. I cherish my discontinued Dior Amber and Rose Diamond highlighters and I have no intention of using them up any time soon. These among others have been put to the side for special occasions and I like to think they are the basis for my more refined collection.

FOUR | One in one out

To make this project work, I needed to mentally commit to it. Every time I look at my make-up I now think, ‘one in one out policy Leslie’. It really helps! When I am out shopping I remind myself about what I want to achieve.

FIVE | Cheat on your make-up

Day to day, I am trying my very best to keep to my policy of only using what is currently in my rotation of products. I do however make allowances for special occasions or if I feel I need to change my look. Boredom basically! I feel no guilt about this and it helps me to enjoy the products I treasure.

These five tips will hopefully help you to get started. I will also be publishing a follow-up shortly with the pros and cons of the project to date.

Happy organising! šŸ™‚



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