Desked for success [Organisation]


Just like Summer*, I like things neat and organised.

When it comes to my desk at work, I like to think of it as an extension of my home. I like to have a set of amenities at my disposal for when a crisis…(such as the sniffles)…occur.

It might be slightly strange, but I keep my desk stocked with things that I think my co-workers will need too. For me, being able to be the person that always has a spare pen, sellotape or tissues, I believe, helps to show my colleagues that I am reliable.

I’ve put together a list of the items that are always in my desk and hopefully it will help you in some way to organize your desk for…em…success.

ONE | Stationary

 – Blue, Black and Red pens……and plenty of them. Using a variety of pens can help me to keep notes more organised and can be very effective for mind mapping. I also always keep spares for the inevitable spare pen requests that tend to crop up

– Scissors, staples and sellotape (purely for the alliteration for when someone looks for them)

– A throwback to my school days is my ruler, which I use every day to keep my notes organised

– I work in marketing and this results in a surprising amount of maths so I always keep a calculator at hand

– A notepad and one to spare. Keep things neat and organised

TWO | The inevitable food stash

– Cereal Bars/ chocolate – I always keep snacks at my desk as you never know when you will have to eat on the go, miss breakfast and we all have those days when you just need an extra pick me up halfway through the day or a wispa for breakfast…

THREE | Mini-mergency kit

– Tissues – Ah – ch – ewwwwww… We are officially back in cold season. This year I have kept a multi-pack of individual tissues in my desk and they have been a lifesaver. Not only are they great for accidental spills but also, for keeping the sniffles at bay

– Pain killers – Fight the ouchies…

– Lemsip (cold/flu sachets) – These take up minimum room and are especially handy this time of the year

– Plasters – From my colleagues accidentally cutting fingers to me wearing very silly shoes, plasters are also great to have at your disposal

Four | Vanity flair

– Mints or a tooth brush – We’ve all been called into a last minute meeting following a tasty lunch only to feel the nerves kick in as we realize the gruyere was a bad choice…

– Lip products – At last count I had 11 lip products in my desk…some would say that’s unnecessary, others would say, that’s unnecessary. In summation, 11 lip products are unnecessary, but one or two (a lip balm for chapped lips and a neutral colour) are perfect to keep in your desk for touch-ups.

– Plain black heels – I work in a casual dress code environment but I always keep heels in my drawer just in case I need to look professional for a meeting

What do you keep in your desk?


*If you haven’t seen the film 500 Days of Summer, A – whats wrong with you and B – I demand you download it now


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