1 simple way to explain make-up to the men in your life [Beauty]

I’ve grown up in a house with six men, seven if you count the dog.

With five brothers, its probably quite strange how ‘girly’ I am today, (while still retaining an unbeatable title in Mario Kart).

My dad, (being used to all sons) never quite understood the intricacies of female upkeep. I remember countless times where he would see me putting on make-up and he would always ask “But how do you know where it all goes?”.

Being a carpenter, I tried to find something that I could relate it to that would make sense to him, and that’s when I came up with the fail proof way to explain how make-up works.

I answered my dads question with another question, how do you build a house?

Putting on make-up, I explained, is very like building a house.

First, you lay the foundation (your foundation), then you build the walls (your powder). Of course, you need to add some paint (your blush). You can’t leave a house without windows (your eye shadow) or window ledges (mascara/eyeliner). The front door is needs a coat of paint too (lipstick) and if you are very fancy, a door frame (lipliner/gloss). The roof is the finishing touch just like a highlighter or bronzer. And voila, house built, make-up explained and dad in the know!

I can’t see Eddie S ever fully grasping the concept of a daily make-up routine, but I like to think it makes a little more sense now.

Do you have any analogies you use to explain beauty habits to the men in your life? Please feel free to share in the comments as I would love to hear about them!



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